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 :author: Mike Bayer
-Serializer/Deserializer objects for usage with SQLAlchemy structures.
-Any SQLAlchemy structure, including Tables, Columns, expressions, mappers,
-Query objects etc. can be serialized in a minimally-sized format,
-and deserialized when given a Metadata and optional ScopedSession object
-to use as context on the way out.
-Usage is nearly the same as that of the standard Python pickle module:
-.. sourcecode:: python+sql
-    from sqlalchemy.ext.serializer import loads, dumps
-    metadata = MetaData(bind=some_engine)
-    Session = scoped_session(sessionmaker())
-    # ... define mappers
-    query = Session.query(MyClass).filter(MyClass.somedata=='foo').order_by(MyClass.sortkey)
-    # pickle the query
-    serialized = dumps(query)
-    # unpickle.  Pass in metadata + scoped_session
-    query2 = loads(serialized, metadata, Session)
-    print query2.all()
-Similar restrictions as when using raw pickle apply; mapped classes must be 
-themselves be pickleable, meaning they are importable from a module-level
-Note that instances of user-defined classes do not require this extension
-in order to be pickled; these contain no references to engines, sessions
-or expression constructs in the typical case and can be serialized directly.
-This module is specifically for ORM and expression constructs.
 .. automodule:: sqlalchemy.ext.serializer