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py3k fixes

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         return attributes.instance_state(instance)
-    except (exc.UnmappedClassError, exc.NO_STATE):
+        # TODO: whats the py-2/3 syntax to catch two
+        # different kinds of exceptions at once ?
+    except exc.UnmappedClassError:
+        raise exc.UnmappedInstanceError(instance)
+    except exc.NO_STATE:
         raise exc.UnmappedInstanceError(instance)


         # bigger operation so using a small variance
-                versions={'2.7':85, '2.6':85, '2.5':94, '3': 83})
+                versions={'2.7':85, '2.6':85, '2.5':94, '3': 95})
         def go():
             return sess2.merge(p1, load=False)
         p2 = go()
         # third call, merge object already present. almost no calls.
-                versions={'2.7':14, '2.6':14, '2.5':15, '3': 12})
+                versions={'2.7':14, '2.6':14, '2.5':15, '3': 15})
         def go():
             return sess2.merge(p2, load=False)
         p3 = go()
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