Mike Bayer committed a8bd000

postgres cant do this particular test b.c. the default "public" schema is taken
as a blank "schema" argument on Table

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         assert buf.index("CREATE TABLE someschema.table1") > -1
         assert buf.index("CREATE TABLE someschema.table2") > -1
-    @testbase.unsupported('sqlite')
-    def testcreate(self):
+    @testbase.unsupported('sqlite', 'postgres')
+    def test_create_with_defaultschema(self):
         engine = testbase.db
         schema = engine.dialect.get_default_schema_name(engine)
+        # test reflection of tables with an explcit schemaname
+        # matching the default
         metadata = MetaData(testbase.db)
         table1 = Table('table1', metadata, 
             Column('col1', Integer, primary_key=True),
         table1 = Table('table1', metadata, autoload=True, schema=schema)
         table2 = Table('table2', metadata, autoload=True, schema=schema)
+        assert table1.schema == table2.schema == schema
+        assert len(metadata.tables) == 2
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