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Arakoon: a simple distributed key/value store with preference for consistency. It's an ocaml based multi-paxos implementation on top of Tokyo Cabinet.

Compiling: see COMPILING

License information:
GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (for the full license text, see COPYING)

Libraries we use: see LIBRARIES

  • The 1.X.Y branches are releases that passed our system test suite.
  • The 1.X branches are development branches so might be less stable

For the impatient:


You need a config file, like this one

$> cat single.ini [global] cluster = arakoon_0 cluster_id = ricky

[arakoon_0] ip = client_port = 4000 messaging_port = 4010 home = /tmp log_level = info

Start the node

$> ./arakoon.native -config single.ini --node arakoon_0

This starts a single node cluster for you to play with.

You can get/set values from the command line using : $> ./arakoon.native -config examples/single.ini --set hello world $> ./arakoon.native -config examples/single.ini --get hello "world"

to get an overview of what else the command line provides. ./arakoon.native --help

Of course you want to use Arakoon from within a program. For this reason, we provide OCaml, C, Python, and Php clients.

have fun,

The arakoon team

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