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Sorry for the newbie question, but I can't get this to compile although I've had no bother with other go libraries. These are the errors I get:

me@me-VirtualBox:/gocairo$ make install Makefile:5: /home/sarah/go/src/Make.: No such file or directory /home/sarah/go/src/Make.pkg:9: /src/Make.common: No such file or directory make: * No rule to make target `/src/Make.common'. Stop.

What am I doing wrong?

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  1. Anonymous

    No need to apologize. I should probably take this project down. I wrote it shortly after Go was released, but Go has evolved since then and I haven't had time to maintain it.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Dethe --

    The probelm for compiling was a change in the way golang makefiles work. I have updated the makefile and I have also added a fuction to return the surface data in gocairo. Here are my changes. I will commit directly if given access.


    include $(GOROOT)/src/

    TARG=cairo CGOFILES=\ cairo.go

    CGO_CFLAGS= -I/opt/local/include CGO_LDFLAGS+= -L/opt/local/lib -lcairo


    include $(GOROOT)/src/Make.pkg

    %: install %.go $(GC) $*.go $(LD) -o $@ $*.$O

    Addef folloing to [cairo.go]

    func (self *Surface) GetData() *byte { data := C.cairo_image_surface_get_data(self.surface) return (*byte)(unsafe.Pointer(data)) }


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