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chumbyWPC 1.0

The chumbyWPC (chumby web control panel or CWCP) is a browser based interface for controlling your chumby classic and chumby one devices ( The complete package is a specially compiled lighttpd and php serving up the chumby web control panel files.


If you're not interested in pulling the source, you can download the latest stable version here.


Unzip the contents onto a blank compatible USB thumb drive. The 2 files, and 1 folder should be placed at the root of the drive, not in a folder.

 ->lighty (dir)

Plug the usb thumb drive into your chumby and restart it. Once it boots up completely, simply put in the ip address for your chumby device in a web browser (Firefox or Chrome recommended). If everything went well you should see the welcome screen of the CWCP. Click here to learn how to boot the CWCP on the chumby one.

Tweaking the CWCP code

All of the CWCP specific source files can be found in the html directory /lighty/html

Don't forget to share your additions or tweaks! :)