Trackee is a tool which periodically grabs screenshots and stores them, easing users' activities tracking.

It was designed for background activities' collection with occasional reviews. Here's how:

  1. Run trackee executable & forget about it
  2. Proceed with your everyday activities
  3. Review data it collected (only screenshots so far).
  4. Mourn of the time wasted or rejoice otherwise.
  5. Go to #2.


OS: Linux


GDK v3.x


Stack, GTK v3.x development headers (or whatever got gdk/gdk.h).


  • Collect more data:
    • active window name
    • current task name from Hamster, IDEA, Toggl, Upwork Team, you name it
  • Configuration options:
    • Data collection interval
    • Screenshots:
      • Limit video outputs screen shots are grabbed from
      • Change screenshot format and/or quality where applicable
    • Configurable data directory
  • Windows & Mac support
  • Think through various approaches to storing collected data