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About TGApp-Registration

Registration is a Pluggable registration application for TurboGears2. By default it will work with the quickstart TurboGears User model but provides a bunch of hooks that can be used to change the registration form and most of the registration aspects.


tgapp-registration can be installed both from pypi or from bitbucket:

easy_install tgapp-registration

should just work for most of the users

Plugging Registration

In your application config/ import plug:

from tgext.pluggable import plug

Then at the end of the file call plug with registration:

plug(base_config, 'registration')

You will be able to access the registration process at http://localhost:8080/registration.

Some options are available that can be set on .ini configuration file for your application. At least one option is required to make activation emails work:

  • registration.email_sender -> Outgoing mails sender

If you are not using TurboMail a few more configuration options must be set to make activation email work:

  • registration.smtp_host -> SMTP server to use to send emails
  • registration.smtp_login -> Login for authentication on SMTP server
  • registration.smtp_passwd -> Password for authentication on SMTP server

Available Hooks

Registration exposes some hooks and options to configure its aspects. The most important option is:

  • registration.form -> Full python path of the form class to use for Registration form. By default registration.lib.forms.RegistrationForm is used.

The hooks that can be used with TurboGears2 register_hook are:

  • registration.after_registration(registration, submitted_values) -> Runs after form submission. Can be used to store eventual data that the form sent and that the Registration model doesn't support.
  • registration.on_complete(email_data) -> Runs after registration completion before sending activation email, can be used to change outgoing email.
  • registration.before_activation(registration, user) -> Runs at activation before creating the user and setting the registration as active
  • registration.before_activation(registration, user) -> Runs after creating user, can be used to call redirect to redirect to a different page at registration completion.

Exposed Templates

The templates used by registration and that can be replaced with tgext.pluggable.replace_template are:

  • registration.templates.register
  • registration.templates.complete

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