Please don't hold me responsible
    I tried and I tried
    It wasn't the same without my brain
    It wasn't a game, it wasn't a game
    No, no, not now...

        "Sorry Son", The Cranberries

This game has no known name, so let's call it NKN for short. Three letter
acronyms are cool.

NKN is a multiplayer real-time roguelike. This means that it exclusively uses
text and a text console to represent enemies, friends, walls, bullets...

This means that the game will look incredibly confusing at first glance.
Don't worry! It's very simple. We'll explain how to play here.

Starting a game

When you start NKN, you'll be greeted with a menu that looks like this:

    |                Welcome to A Game                |
    |                 (a) Create game                 |
    |                 (b) Join game                   |
    |                 (c) Quit                        |

Scroll using the arrow keys, or press "a" through "c" to highlight a particular
menu option.


    Select "Create game".

    When you create or join a game, you'll be asked to enter your username. Just
    type in something funny. After that, yo'll be put in the game lobby.

        | Press space to play. The game begins when everyone consents. |
        | Somethingfunny                                               |
        |                                                              |
        |                                                              |

    Here you can wait for other players to join your server, or press the spacebar
    to signal readiness. When all players are ready, the game begins!


    If you join a game, you'll be asked for the IP address to connect to.
    Use ipconfig or whatever tool to find that out. I'm sure you guys have
    done it before.


    - Do not enter the game with the same name as someone else, please.
    - No more than ten players may join a game, or else segmentation fault.

Playing the Game

This is a roguelike, so it's all text from here on out. Your objective is
to do whatever you want. This is a sandbox open-world roguelike. By which I
mean we were too pressed for time to implement a victory condition. If you're
the last player left alive, you don't get a prize, but you can probably make fun
of all your friends.

You are the "@". Well, so are the other players.
They aren't even differently colored. Don't worry about it, if it moves on your
command it's either you or a very skilled telepathic copycat. If you're still
confused, the shadows from the two columns will point towards your "@".

Enemies are the other "@"s and the "o"s and "T"s (orcs and trolls). Run into an
enemy to kill it. Do not run into another player to kill him, because then
you'll both die. Also, they can run just as fast as you can.

[Tips from the pros: ]
    You can also use the left mouse button to fire bullets.
    Bullets are cool.


    As the reader of the readme, it is in our best interest to entertain you
    and make you love us for our idiocy.
    This readme contains a cheat code:
    Use the right mouse button instead of the left mouse button.

    That is all.

    P.S. Also all the game mechanics are implemented client-side with a
         synchronized random number generator. If you liked you could hack the
         client to kill all the things everwhere all at once.
         If you do that, I will love you. Also please take photographs of rage
         when you cheat to kill your fellow judges. If there's any rage.
         It'll probably just be some awfully depressing combination of ennui
         and frustration.

[NO SERIOUSLY DELETE THAT (Actually I bet you passed this on before reading, so,
                           maybe just tell them the gist and insist they don't
                           read the readme?)                                   ]

    - You cannot win.
    - You cannot lose.
    - You can, however, die. If people walk close to your corpse you can sort of
      wiggle your arms a bit and kill them, so if you see a dead person don't
      walk near him.
    - Bullets are weird.
    - Technically might not be a game. (BUT NEITHER WAS COUNTRY)
    - You might mysteriously die in a ball of fire.


This game was developed by Devin Jeanpierre and Lorenz Breu. It couldn't have
been done without those jerks that developed the Twisted networking framework,
and the developers of the Chronicles of Doryen (tCoD), who developed an
excellent roguelike library called libtcod. If you enjoyed some of the simpler
roguelike features that were in the game, definitely take a look.

I would also like to thank the judges for their patience. I know you've looked
through a lot of games, many of them terrible. I expect few are worse than this
one, so I'm sorry.

Anyway, have fun!

-- Devin