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test showing Columns.move_cursor_to_coords not handling left/right

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         self.mctest("l e edge",[x,e,x],1,(20,),6,0,True,1,7)
         self.mctest("r e edge",[x,e,x],1,(20,),13,0,True,1,12)
+        # 'left'/'right' special cases
+        self.mctest("right", [e, e, e], 0, (12,), 'right', 0, True, 2, 'right')
+        self.mctest("left", [e, e, e], 0, (12,), 'left', 0, True, 0, 'left')
     def test_init_with_a_generator(self):
         urwid.Columns(urwid.Text(c) for c in "ABC")
             [(1, [(0, 5)]), (1, [(1,3), ((1,0,4), 2)]), (1, [(1,5)]) ] )
 class OverlayTest(unittest.TestCase):
     def test_old_params(self):
         o1 = urwid.Overlay(urwid.SolidFill(u'X'), urwid.SolidFill(u'O'),
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