Christian Specht avatar Christian Specht committed bacc3e1

set version number to 1.2

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 @echo off
-set VersionNumber=1.0
+set VersionNumber=1.2
 rem path to msbuild.exe


 <?xml version='1.0'?>
 <Wix xmlns=''>
-<?define ProductId = {96C0B39F-9AC8-49D3-AB4E-18D7E88F9E3C} ?>
+<?define ProductId = {2A579449-33D6-4962-B020-444684ECE30F} ?>
 <?define UpgradeCode = {59B6F924-ECF4-40BD-A132-537FC1CC0695} ?>
 <?define ProductName = Bitbucket Backup ?>
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