Devin Martin committed 1c0e890

Forgot to make the flatten method recursive

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         public static IEnumerable<PwGroup> GetAllGroups(this PwDatabase database)
-            return Flatten<PwGroup>(database.RootGroup, _ => _.Groups);
+            return Flatten<PwGroup>(database.RootGroup, node => node.Groups);
         public static IEnumerable<PwEntry> GetAllPasswords(this PwDatabase database)
             if (getSubEnumerable != null)
                 foreach (var subNode in getSubEnumerable(node))
+                {
                     yield return subNode;
+                    foreach (var subSubNode in Flatten<T>(subNode, getSubEnumerable))
+                        yield return subSubNode;
+                }
+            else
+                throw new Exception();
         public static bool EntryStringEquals(this PwEntry entry, string key, string expectedValue)
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