Devin Martin committed e61d198

Remove the unfinishde from the provider registry. Minor style changes.

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                 // add a new yield return with a protocol prefix and a delegate to create for each supported handler in the plugin
                 yield return new ProviderItem("dropbox", () => new KeeCloud.Providers.Dropbox.DropboxProvider());
                 yield return new ProviderItem("s3", () => new KeeCloud.Providers.Amazon.AmazonS3Provider());
                 yield return new ProviderItem("boxnet", () => new KeeCloud.Providers.BoxNet.BoxNetProvider());
                 // this is a dummy provider used mainly for testing the UI of the credential configuration wizard
                 // as well as the base web request logic
-#if DUMMY
                 yield return new ProviderItem("dummy", () => new KeeCloud.Providers.Dummy.DummyProvider());


     class RequestStream : Stream
-        private readonly ProviderWebRequest _request;
+        private readonly ProviderWebRequest request;
         public RequestStream(ProviderWebRequest request)
-            _request = request;
+            this.request = request;
         public override void Close()
             if (NativeLib.IsUnix()) // mono does not automatically call GetResponse
-                _request.GetResponse();
+                this.request.GetResponse();
+            base.Close();
         List<byte> bytes = new List<byte>();
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