Add support for Google Drive

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Devin Martin
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Create a provider to read and write to Google Drive

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  1. Bob B

    Am okay with installing KeePass to work computers, but do not want the actual database anywhere on my employer's network. Prefer to be able to access Google Drive directly via WWW. Currently, the only way to access the *.kdbx file is to have Google Drive installed on my work PC. Using a standalone USB drive means giving up the ability to sync until I get to home where my Google Drive is installed so that I can do a file sync. i.e. Would be nice to be able to do a URL sync or directly access Google Drive via the web.

  2. 01i

    I currently use KeeAnywhere. But googledrive support has been broken for the last month, and so I'm looking for an alternative with an active developer. Looking at the issue list, this is the first issue on the to do list, and has the most votes. I was just wondering if there was any eta on actually implementing this functionality?

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