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Rambo Junior
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Hi All,

Unfortunately I was too dumb to setup KeeCloud with my dropBox account to sync. I've generated a password with the setup wizard and I can confirm it is connected with my DropBox.

When I go to Open file from URL I put in dropbox://Backup/database.dbx as URL and I copied the generated username and PW but when I hit OK it say:An exception occurred during a WebClient request. My database file is stored in a folder called backup in DropBox.

Can you tell me what I'm doin wrong?

Thanks and regards, Zoltán

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  1. SmashD

    Hi, just tried my luck at it and it worked fine this way:

    • Use the URL Credentials Wizard

    • write down user/pass you've got from the wizard

    • in KeePass choose Open from URL...

    • enter file's path like dropbox://directory/file.kdbx

    • use user credentials you've generated earlier

    • done :)

    HINT: double click the user name/password to copy it to clipboard

  2. Devin Martin repo owner

    Thanks @SmashD for replying to this. There are a few ways to do it. If you are going to always sync rather than open directly from the remote store I would recommend not entering any password and just using the Stored Credential.

    Everything else looks correct. It is probably a password issue if you've already gone through the URL Credential Wizard.

  3. SmashD

    Hello Devin Martin, thanks for your message. It's a bit strange... When I open KeePass it prompts to enter username and password for the dropbox:// file (#1). When I enter them and choose any option given for saving the login it throws an exception (#2). But if I cancel that dialog and use File > Open Recent > dropbox://same_file_as_in_the_dialog_prompt it works just fine (#3).







  4. Devin Martin repo owner

    @SmashD : what version of .net/mono are you using. Furthermore, what platform are you using. I've never run into this but I tend to use Windows and .net 4.5. I'll admit I haven't done extensive testing on other platforms. I've heard of enough problems from other users that I'm planning on doing some more testing/debuggin on Mono specifically.

  5. SmashD

    I am currently using .NET Framework Extended 4 on Win7 x64, I will try 4.5. Or the mono alternative?

    EDIT: Well, as it turns out 4 Extended IS 4.5 :) And repairing the .NET Framework did not change anything - still the WebClient Exception like in the screenshot above. I've read somewhere in the FAQs or Wiki that it's suggested to remove the password-protection of the KeePass kdbx container - I did not do that (and don't consider it as an option), but does that make a difference?

  6. Devin Martin repo owner

    @SmashD: Perhaps this is a silly question but you are using the username and password that are provided from the credential wizard rather than your Dropbox credentials, correct? You might also try running the credential wizard again and using the new credentials.

  7. SmashD

    No stupid question at all, but yes - I am using the credentials given by the wizard. I've ran it several times though. Could you please tell me how to do a "fresh start"? Oh, and you might want to mention that double clicking the user name/password will copy it to the clipboard. I don't think that many people get that. :)

    EDIT: tried using new credentials generated by the wizard. No .NET error this time (which could be due to some reboots inbetween though) but still asking for my generated credentials even when I've chosen "remember user/pw" the last time.

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