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Issue #31 wontfix

Synchronization failed: this method is not implemented by this class

Anonymous created an issue

Per the instructions in the KeeCloud Wiki, I used the KeeCloud URL Credential Wizard to create and save in my KeePass database application-specific credentials for access to my Dropbox. I then created a trigger that performs synchronization between my main database in Dropbox and a local database. I used the Title of the KeeCloud credential entry as the username and a junk password for the synchronization trigger.

Synchronization starts and runs for a few seconds but then stops and generates this error:

"Synchronization failed.

<Local database path> <Dropbox path>

This method is not implemented by this class."

After that, Dropbox notifies me that a .tmp file was added to the directory where my KeePass database is located. The .tmp file has the same name as my KeePass database. Also, the local database does receive data from my main database in Dropbox, but I don't think it's a full sync.

Here is some info to help you troubleshoot the issue:

  • Running on Windows XP SP3
  • .NET Framework 4 Client Profile installed
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed
  • .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 2 installed
  • .NET Framework 2.5 Service Pack 2 installed
  • KeeCloud 1.0.37 installed
  • KeePass 2.24 installed

Comments (3)

  1. Unknown Name

    I had exactly the same problem, on

    Windows 7 SP1 KeePass 2.26 KeeCloud 1.0.42

    The problem was solved by installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Express (for Desktop). Maybe this will help.

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