DropNet.Exceptions.DropboxException occurs whne syncing with Dropbox

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Anonymous created an issue

I ran through the URL Credential wizard, and authorised KeeCloud to access my dropbox.

When I try to sync through File->Synchronise->Sync with URL.... I get this exception:

An exception occurred during a WebClient request.

Exception of type 'DropNet.Exceptions.DropboxException' was thrown.

I tried entering the username / password into the box that were saved to the entry in my keepass database, but that didn't fix it. Here is a list of URLs I have tried syncing with:

dropbox:// dropbox:/// dropbox://secrets.kbdx dropbox:///secrets.kbdx

It doesn't work with any of them. Perhaps I am missing something? I don't find the instructions on how to actually sync particularly clear.

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  1. Duran Martin

    I have the same issue. I also noticed that, whenever I try to synchronize KeeCloud is deleting the original .kdbx file and then failing with the message indicated by Anonymous. I tried restoring the .kdbx file in Dropbox and then running the Synchronization; the same thing happens - original file is deleted and then the error message is put out.

  2. af18810b af18810b

    Had the same error when I only gave dropbox://folder/ - when I gave dropbox://folder/kee.kdbx (and of course I put the file there before running the sync-setup) it worked (similarly to Keepass2Android). Ubuntu 15.10, keepass 2.3, keecloud

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