Add proxy server support for each provider

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Allow the plugin to use the system proxy settings in environments where proxy servers are required for connectivity.

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  1. Devin Martin repo owner

    Thank you for the screen shots on both of your issues, they make debugging these kinds of things much easier. Unfortunately, I haven't been unable to duplicate this. I even tried extracting the entire zip file into the KeePass directory like you did in issue #7 so that I had the duplicate options under tools. Even when I did that they both worked properly.

    What version of windows are you running or are you running under another platform using Mono or Crossover, or WINE?

    What version of .net (or Mono) are you running?

    Are you running KeeCloud 1.0.33 or a different version?

    Under your duplicate options under the tools menu from issue #7, do both wizards fail in the same way or only one?

    If you try both the PLGX and the DLLs seperately by removing the other, do the both still fail or just one, if so which?

  2. Anonymous

    Today i have some additions to the Issue. First the details of the Environment with the Issue:

    Windows is Windows 7 with latest fixes. Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is installed.The Plugin is at Version 1.0.33 (but the issue is on 1.0.29 to). If i have the doubled entry from issue #7, it occurs with both entrys.

    Yesterday i have tried the same thing at home. From versions and System its nearby the same environment. Here it works. I could authenticate to Dropbox. The Password Entry is saved to my Database. But i havent done other Test with this.

    Today i have done the same here on the Computer with the issue. and now i could authenticate to Dropbox. A Internet Explorer Windows was opened and i could Link the OPlugin to Dropbox. However, i couldnt Save it via URL nor could i synchronize. I get then a WebException.

    I think it hase something todo with our Internet Acces. I must acces the Internet via a Proxy with a Authentication via a ActiveDirectory, some additional Problems can occur, if dont use Internet Explorer to Access the Internet, most programs seems to be blocked. I dont know if your Plugin can use a Proxy from the System with Credentials.

  3. Devin Martin repo owner

    Admittedly, the Dropbox library that is being used doesn't have proxy support. The Amazon S3 library does however. I haven't looked into what it would take to grab the system proxy settings and pass it through yet. Honestly, I wouldn't want to have proxy support for some protocols but not others either as I don't like the inconsistency. I'll look into it and leave this issue open, but it isn't looking good right now. Certainly not without extending the Dropbox library to support proxies, sorry!

  4. Anonymous

    THX for your response. I will try your plugin again, if there is a proxy Support in the API. I know, that this is not your fault.

    BTW: Only reading the proxy settings from the registry is not enough. Since most of the time, there is only the Proxy URL. But sometimes you need additionaly some Credentials (manualy or from a Acrive Directory Account) and sometimes you need to specify the way, to authenticate on the proxy. there are some different ways.

  5. tomfanning

    The fix for this is to add the following < /> element to keepass.exe.config

            <defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials="true" />

    This sets up the internals of .NET to use the system-defined proxy, which in our case is Microsoft ISA Server. I confirm this as working in a corporate Active Directory environment.

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