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KeeCloud / Compiling

This page is for those that wish to compile the plugin themselves or those that want to contribute or even just make private modifications to their own copy.

KeeCloud requires a few extra steps in order to get access to all the services. Some of the services simply work out of the box, however, some don't. Each supported protocol will be listed below with specific instructions to get it to work. You can cherry pick the only the ones you want as it will compile without these steps, the service just won't work.

Amazon S3

Just build the solution and go, nothing more is needed!


Dropbox requires registering an application with them before it can talk to them. They then provide application specific credentials to talk to their API. These credentials aren't checked into source. The build server that is used to package KeeCloud injects these in a pre-build step. This is an attempt to prevent providing low hanging fruit for web scraping bots (perhaps it is misguided, but that is the way it is.)

If you want to compile KeeCloud yourself rather than use the versions on the download page and support Dropbox, you'll have to do a few extra things to get Dropbox to work.

  1. Goto the MyApps section in your Dropbox account.
  2. Click Create an app.
  3. Fill out the form
    1. Select 'Api' rather than 'Chooser'
    2. Name it something unique. It can be whatever you want. It will be shown to users as they authenticate.
    3. The description can be whatever you want. It will be shown to users as they authenticate.
    4. Select full or folder. KeeCloud uses full. It has never been tested with folder access. It may or may not work.
  4. When you are done, you'll get an App key and an App secret.
  5. Put the App key and the App secret that Drobox provided into the constants code file located in Providers\Dropbox\Api.cs
  6. Build and go

Everything should work just as it would with the pre-built versions on the downloads page. The only difference is that it won't say KeeCloud wants to access your dropbox when you use the URL Configuration Wizard but whatever name you provided.