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KeeCloud / Supported-Protocols

Complete list of services supported by KeeCloud.

Supported services

Basic Authentication

These services don't require the credential configuration wizard to work. You simply use credentials provided directly by the service in the Open From URL dialog box.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)


Amazon S3 can be used with the protocol prefix of s3. The bucket must already exists as KeeCloud will not create it for you. No credential configuration is needed within the plugin. You simply use the S3 api key as the username and the corresponding secret key as the password. Don't use your amazon username and password. It won't work To obtain your S3 API Key go to the Security Credentials section on the AWS Portal. You can also use the IAM Management Console to create more granular credentials with more limited permissions. Doing so is well beyond the scope of this document however.

This plugin also has multi-region support. To use a region other than us-east-1 supply a region parameter to the URL. A list of regions can be found here


Microsoft Azure Blob Storage


Microsoft Azure Blob Storage can be used with the prefix azure. This service works very much like the Amazon S3 service. The username is the storage account name and the password is the storage account access key.

O Auth services

These services all require the Credential Wizard to work. You can't enter your account credentials directly into the plugin. Instead, you link KeeCloud with these services and the service will issue a specific set of credentials to use with your account.


dropbox://{full path to file within dropbox}

Dropbox requires using the Credential Wizard before you can use it. The wizard will link KeeCloud to your dropbox account and provide credentials that can be used to interact with your files. You can't use your Dropbox username and password directly. You must use the credential wizard

Planned services

Adding services isn't terribly difficult. We will try to add as many as we can. You can see a list of requested services here. If you would also like to see a particular service then go ahead and vote for it.

Don't see your preferred service here.

Open an issue with a feature request for your service. Please check here first to see if it already exists. Be sure to set the component to 'Provider' if you do open an issue. If you are able and willing you can then Contribute.