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 ## Configuration
+See main [configuration](Configuration) page.
 When possible there is no configuration required and credentials are just entered directly into the 'Open From URL' dialog box. However, most of the cloud APIs require some additional steps. This is due to the popularity of an authentication technology called OAuth.
 When using a protocol that is authenticated by OAuth, you don't enter your credentials for your account into the URL dialog box. The service won't accept that. Instead, you use the 'URL Credential Wizard' located in tools. You craft your URL according to the protocol specific guidelines and then the wizard will open a web browser. You will log into your account and authorize KeeCloud to access your account. Once this is done, the wizard will create a KeePass entry (or just display them for you) that has your credentials for use with the specified URL. You can then use those credentials to open or save files to that service. You don't have to go through the wizard every time you want to open a file to that service. You can just modify the URL accordingly to specify a different file.