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-# Beta Warning
-This plugin is currently awaiting Dropbox review. When it passes the Dropbox review process it will be made available to the general public. In the mean time, you can [compile](Compiling) it yourself and get immediate Amazon S3 support. If you want more support the follow the instructions under [compiling](Compiling).
-## KeeCloud
 KeeCloud is a simple plugin that adds support to several online file services to the built in URL file access in [KeePass]( The UI and setup are minimal. It is designed to work with the built in opening/saving/synchronization/trigger options in KeePass without duplicating any of that functionality.
 This plugin is released under an MIT License which is compatible with the GNU GPL GNU Compatible License List (referred to as Expat in the GNU GPL compatibility list) that KeePass is released under.
-[Supported Protocols](Supported-Protocols)
+* [Supported Protocols](Supported-Protocols)
+* [Workflows](Workflows)
+* [Contribute](Contribute)
+* [Attributions](Attributions)
+* [Compiling](Compiling)
 ## Why use KeeCloud