Devin Martin avatar Devin Martin committed 4d06a9f

Remove the keepass binary (shouldn't have ever been in source). Also add an update URL.

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-    <Reference Include="KeePass">
-      <HintPath>Libraries\KeePass.exe</HintPath>
-    </Reference>
+    <Reference Include="KeePass" />
     <Reference Include="OtpSharp">
         private IPluginHost host = null;
         private ToolStripItem otpSeperatorToolStripItem;
         private ToolStripItem otpDialogToolStripItem;
         public override bool Initialize(IPluginHost host)
             Debug.Assert(host != null);
             ShowOneTimePasswords form = new ShowOneTimePasswords(entry, host);
+        public override string UpdateUrl
+        {
+            get { return ""; }
+        }
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Binary file removed.

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