Devin Martin avatar Devin Martin committed 66635fa

KeePass 2.21 added plugin specified placeholder hints. Take advantage of this in KeeOtp.

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+using System;
+using System.Windows.Forms;
 using KeePass.Plugins;
 using KeePass.Util;
 using KeePass.Util.Spr;
 using KeePassLib;
 using KeePassLib.Utility;
 using OtpSharp;
-using System;
-using System.Windows.Forms;
 namespace KeeOtp
         private ToolStripItem otpTopDialogToolStripItem;
         private ToolStripItem otpTopSeperatorToolStripItem;
+        private const string totpPlaceHolderHint = "{TOTP}";
         public override bool Initialize(IPluginHost host)
+            // this adds a hint on the placeholder form under the "plugin provided" section of placeholders
+            SprEngine.FilterPlaceholderHints.Add(totpPlaceHolderHint);
             return true; // Initialization successful
             var toolsMenu = host.MainWindow.ToolsMenu;
+            SprEngine.FilterPlaceholderHints.Remove(totpPlaceHolderHint);
         void otpDialogToolStripItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
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