KeeOtp / OtpAuthData.cs

Diff from to


         const string sizeParameter = "size";
         const string counterParameter = "counter";
-        public byte[] Key { get; set; }
+        public Key Key { get; set; }
         public OtpType Type { get; set; }
         public int Step { get; set; }
             var otpData = new OtpAuthData();
-            otpData.Key = Base32.Decode(parameters[keyParameter]);
+            otpData.Key = ProtectedKey.CreateProtectedKeyAndDestroyPlaintextKey(Base32.Decode(parameters[keyParameter]));
             if (parameters[typeParameter] != null)
                 otpData.Type = (OtpType)Enum.Parse(typeof(OtpType), parameters[typeParameter]);
                 NameValueCollection collection = new NameValueCollection();
-                collection.Add(keyParameter, Base32.Encode(this.Key).Replace("=", "%3d"));
+                string base32Key = null;
+                this.Key.UsePlainKey(key =>
+                {
+                    base32Key = Base32.Encode(key).Replace("=", "%3d");
+                });
+                collection.Add(keyParameter, base32Key);
                 if (this.Type != KeeOtp.OtpType.Totp)
                     collection.Add(typeParameter, this.Type.ToString());
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