1.3.0 fail to run on Mono(Linux)

Issue #16 resolved
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KeeOtp 1.3.0 fail to run on Mono (in my case Ubuntu 12.10 x86_64). Error: (process:18212): WARNING : PNG images with 64bpp aren't supported by libgdiplus. 1.2.0 work ok.

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  1. Devin Martin repo owner

    I have duplicated the problem. It looks like it can be fixed by downgrading the BPP in the PNG. The version of GDI used by mono only supports up to 32 and as per the error the current images have 64. I'll just change the image and we'll give that a try.

  2. Devin Martin repo owner

    I believe that should do it. I had the same problem on my Mac. It now works. If you used a plgx be sure to clear the cache or you'll still get the same problem

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