Add support for alternate HMAC algorithms

Issue #17 resolved
Devin Martin
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All known providers currently use SHA-1 as the hash algorithm when creating HMACs. The RFC however explicitly allows SHA-256 and SHA-512 and even includes TOTP test vectors with these hashing algorithms.

Add support for these algorithms in addition to SHA-1

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  1. Devin Martin reporter

    Which service do you use which needs that? It isn't hard to add as the underlying library supports it now. Id just like to try it a time or two for compatability.

  2. StumpifyOG

    Sorry for the late answer. It's not really that the service I use need it but it offers it (, I was just wondering if there was any updates as it's been 3 years this "issue" is open

  3. Devin Martin reporter

    Happy to do it. Would you be willing to test it? I don't have any service that require those algorithms. The underlying library supports it and has been tested against the specification's tests, but I'd like a real world test.

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