keeotp in keepass version > 2.20

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I am trying to use KeeOtp with keepass version 2.23. When I use the latest pglx file (ver 1.31) Keepass returns the following error: The following plugin is incompatible with the current Keepass version ...

Thanks for your reply

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  1. Devin Martin repo owner

    Hmm, I am using the plgx with KeePass 2.23 without any problems. I'll haven't tried it on a 64 bit instance of Windows 7 so I'll see if I can find a machine that matches.

    What version of .net do you have? I am running 4.5. It wouldn't surprise me if I inadvertently used a newer feature of the .net framework when I wrote it and it is due to an older version of .net on your machine.

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