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Issue #20 resolved
John L Galt
created an issue

According to this website, the last compiled and released version of KeeOTP dates back to 2013-02-09. From the Release Notes Wiki page, a link to "Unreleased but completed features", which can be found at, states that

•Show the {TOTP} auto-type placeholder in the placeholder edit form.

has been enabled.

Please release an updated build that implements this so that the functionality may be used - I'm currently having to maintain both KeeOTP and TrayOTP for this autotype functionality.

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  1. Devin Martin repo owner

    @John L Galt I forgot about that feature. I'll get a build going soon for that. With that said, autotype does work, it just isn't listed. The tag is {TOTP}. The unreleased feature is simply to add a reference to the {TOTP} tag in the list of available tags that is shown when configuring autotype. The tag is there and usable without this feature, just not listed.

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