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Andrew McGlashan
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I create multiple KP entries as follows: 1. Login (has username, password, TOTP settings) 2. TOTP QR Code 3. TOTP Recovery Code 4. TOTP Seed 5. TOTP Settings

Each of the TOTP entries contain it's particular value in the password field.

For the "Login" entry, I want to have custom strings that refer to the "TOTP Seed" and "TOTP Settings" entries. The custom string entries would look like this: {REF:P@I:355A9D9D38711A4F8DB07DE1803E7098}

If I use the custom strings like above with the "Login" entry, I can copy the custom strings to my paste buffer as you can with any other custom string and it returns the actual content from the reference. But the TOTP value column shows bad settings and therefore won't give the TOTP value.

I don't want to duplicate the values for the seed and settings, I just want to have them in their own KP entries and reference them properly. (The work around is to duplicate the entries and not to use reference custom fields).

The reason for so many KP entries is due to how KP can and cannot deal with custom string fields.

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  1. John L Galt


    I would like to add my vote for this RFF as well. It would make life a lot simpler where I use the same login (and thus OTP) for different sites.


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