Add support for Ubisoft 2-Step Verification

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Michael Hüpkes
created an issue

Hey Devin,

thanks for the great work on KeeOtp. I really like using it for OTPs in parallel to my phone (Android with Google Authenticator).

Usually this works great in the way, that I insert the secret in KeePass and the Authenticator and both show the same OTPs. Tested with Amazon, Google, Git, GitLab, Dropbox.

But today I found an application which seems not to work: my Ubisoft Account. There I'm only provided with a secret like


which works fine with the Authenticator (via QR Code and manually) but produces wrong OTPs using KeeOTP.

I've already read the troubleshooting, which states, that only secrets in base32 can be handled by KeeOTP. Is there a known way to convert a secret of the above form to the correct base32 form? (Simply converting to base32 didn't result in the desired behavior.)

Furthermore this issue might be strongly related to #7.

Thanks for your time in advance! Michael

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  1. Michael Hüpkes reporter

    Mhm... somehow I managed to try this with two different secrets and got the same (broken) result.

    Today I recreated the secret and everything worked as expected - actually quite fine. So consider this ticket irrelevant^^

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