Debian 8 + KeeOtp-1.3.9 + KeePass 2.28 won't load.

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It's seem there is an issue with the plugins under Debian. I use it with windows with no problem but under Debian 8 the module refuse to load:

"The following plugin is incompatible with the current KeePass version: /usr/lib/keepass2/plugins/KeeOpt-1.3.9/KeeOpt.plgx

Have a look at the plugin's website for an appropriate version.

I don't know if this plugin was release only for Microsoft OS Support (which would be a shame) ;-) but I really would like this to work since I'm using it for years and now that I switched to Linux I really need this to work :-)

If you need any traces / logs I can give you them.

  • Debian 8
  • KeePass from apt repo (2.28)
  • KeeOtp-1.3.9 (any version won't load anyway)

Thanks for the future answers.

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