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Issue #6 resolved

Allow the key entry field to take spaces

Devin Martin
repo owner created an issue

Many providers include spaces in the base32 keys that are provided. Allow the form to take a base32 key with spaces and strip them out.

Comments (4)

  1. Dobes Vandermeer

    It would definitely be helpful to mention this in the documentation ... it took me a bit to realize that the code being presented was in fact a base64 key, and when I couldn't copy/paste I got a bit more confused. Manually re-typing the code worked in the end, but it could puzzle many people. Perhaps just a note like "Note: Google, Dropbox, and others present a base64 key like this: Fe0h Isp5Q ovDhK KGSjZA, you will have to type that code in without spaces"

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