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 Paste the key into the textbox and click OK.  You should now be looking at a rolling time based authentication code for that key.
+=== Clock Drift ===
+TOTP relies on the current time in order to accurately produce a verification code.  If your clock is off significantly from the clock of the server then they may not accept the code.  You should ensure that your system clock is set correctly.  TOTP is a rather precise operation so an incorrect time by even a few minutes will likely render your codes invalid (unless the verifying system accepts a wide range of codes).  Additionally the time zone setting must also be correct since TOTP codes are calculated against UTC.  If your timezone setting (or daylight savings setting) is incorrect the time could differ from the verifying system's time by hours.
+There is currently no setting to apply a time correction factor to the code generation so it is up to you to ensure a correct system time.
 === Obtaining an authentication code ===
 Simply right click on the entry in KeePass and select "One Time Password"  You will be shown the current password as well as the amount of time that it will remain current (the service may chose to accept a range of codes in addition to the current code.)