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 This works by storing a shared secret key in your encrypted KeePass database and using that information coupled with the current time to generate rolling codes that can be entered into the verification system.
-In order to use this plugin, Add a key called OTPAUTH in the advanced section of the entry dialog.  The value of this key should be a base32 encoded secret key.  Google provides a base32 encoded key so you could enter it in here in addition to setting up the app on your smartphone.
 === Initial Setup ===
 When enabling TOTP on your verification system, you will be provided with a key.  Often this comes in the form of a QR code.  In most cases you can also get a base32 encoded key as well.  This can be of varying lenghts.  Once the plugin is installed, every entry in KeePass will have a new option labeled "One Time Password" in the context menu of the entry.
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