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 It is based largely on a library called [[https://bitbucket.org/devinmartin/otp-sharp/wiki/Home|OTP-Sharp]] which does all the heavy lifting in calculating one time passwords.  OtpSharp is also released under an MIT License.
+== Installation ==
+To install simply drop the KeeOtp.dll and the OtpSharp.dll in the root of your KeePass directory.  The dlls can be obtained either by building the source yourself using msbuild or by downloading the latest zip file on the downloads section of this site.
 == Use ==
 This plugin supports generating one time passwords for [[http://support.google.com/accounts/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=180744|Google 2 Step Verification]] or any standard TOTP (Timed One Time Password) implementation.
 In order to use this plugin, Add a key called OTPAUTH in the advanced section of the entry dialog.  The value of this key should be a base32 encoded secret key.  Google provides a base32 encoded key so you could enter it in here in addition to setting up the app on your smartphone.
-** This plugin is in its infancy.  Forms to add or edit the key will be forthcoming **
+=== Initial Setup ===
+When enabling TOTP on your verification system, you will be provided with a key.  Often this comes in the form of a QR code.  In most cases you can also get a base32 encoded key as well.  This can be of varying lenghts.  Once the plugin is installed, every entry in KeePass will have a new option labeled "One Time Password" in the context menu of the entry.
+Right click on the entry that you wish to add TOTP too (or create a new one) and select the "One Time Password" option.  If there is no key associated with that entry, you will be taken to a form where you can enter it.
+Paste the key into the textbox and click OK.  You should now be looking at a rolling time based authentication code for that key.
+=== Obtaining an authentication code ===
+Simply right click on the entry in KeePass and select "One Time Password"  You will be shown the current password.