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 # Check your timezone and daylight savings settings.  These codes are generated using UTC.  If your timezone setting is off but your time is correct for the local time then your UTC time will be off by as many hours as your timezone is off.  The codes generated in this case will be completely incorrect.
 # Be sure that the verifying system uses UTC to generate codes.  The RFC that defines the TOTP standard used here recommends UTC but that doesn't mean that the verifying system uses UTC.  If they don't use UTC then KeeOtp will not work since KeeOtp always uses UTC.  There is a feature request to add this capability in a future version.  See issue #8 to follow this request.
+If you are using the Google Authenticatior smartphone app successfully there is a little test that you can do.  Download the current [[https://bitbucket.org/devinmartin/otp-sharp/downloads|OTP-Sharp]] package.  Inside there should be a demonstration application that generates a QR code for the Google Authenticator app.  Don't change any settings (or it may not work) and scan the QR code with your smartphone.  If the code generated doesn't match what is on your phone then you likely still have a clock sync issue.
 == Key ==
 KeeOtp currently accepts keys as base32.  Ensure that the key provided to you is correctly encoded as base32.  The known systems that KeeOtp works with all provide the key as base32 already so no additional encoding should be needed.  The spaces provided in those keys will need to be stripped out before entering the key.