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-== Coming Soon ==
+There are many things that can cause an incorrect code to be generated.  We'll go through them here on this page.
+== Clock ==
+The most common reason for an incorrect code is for the client and the server to have different time settings.  This is because the code generated is based on the system time and changes every thirty seconds.  Most verifying systems will only accept the current code, previous code, and future code.  If your time is off by more than 30-40 seconds you stand a good chance of generating codes outside of the window that will be accepted by the server.
+# Check that your system time is correct.  If your computer supports auto setting of the clock based on a network time server than this is a good way to ensure that everything correct.
+# Check your timezone and daylight savings settings.  These codes are generated using UTC.  If your timezone setting is off but your time is correct for the local time then your UTC time will be off by as many hours as your timezone is off.  The codes generated in this case will be completely incorrect.
+# Be sure that the verifying system uses UTC to generate codes.  The RFC that defines the TOTP standard used here recommends UTC but that doesn't mean that the verifying system uses UTC.  If they don't use UTC then KeeOtp will not work since KeeOtp always uses UTC.