Dockerized Dnsmasq Image

The Dockerfile included in the repository creates an image based on the ubuntu14.04 image with dnsmasq installed. When run without arguments dnsmasq is run by root in the console mode.

Dnsmasq is configured to run on port 53 to use standard resolv.conf DNS resolution, and to read hosts from /etc/hosts as well as /etc/althosts. It can therefore be used for service discovery by populating an althosts file. For example, create an althosts file with entries server1 server2 server3

And then run the server:

docker run -d -v /path/to/althosts:/etc/althosts -p 53:53/udp devries/dnsmasq

DNS requests for server1, server2, and server3 will now show up as 192.1681.3,, and respectively.