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     document.write("to download and install JRE 5.0 and the application.");
+<A href=""> <IMG
+src=";type=5" width="210"
+height="62" border="0" alt=" Logo" /></A>

File web/index.html

+<h1 align="center">InfoPad</h1>
+<p>InfoPad is an application designed to store short notes. It is based
+on the concept of a spiral notebook, however it is searchable and
+expandable. I first designed InfoPad because I always had to note down little
+pieces of information, and ended up usually writing them on post-it notes and
+putting them on my computer monitor. Some computers include a post-it note
+program, but that does little more than clutter up your desktop. I wanted a
+single window where I could write notes, where they would automatically be
+backed up, and that would automatically save them. I decided to take a day to
+write this program. I ended up writing this version over a period of about a
+week. The key feature of this program is the search bar. It accepts regular
+expression searches and returns the first note that matches as you type,
+highlighting all matches in that note. Click the "Find Next" button and you go
+to the next matching note (if there is one). I personally find this to be a
+good way of organizing short notes. Now my monitor is post-it note free.</p> 
+<p>I work primarily on machines running Linux and Mac OS X, so I have not
+tested this on Windows, but it should work. This program is written in java, so
+Linux users will have to <a href="">install
+java</a>. The web start link below will automatically install java on Windows,
+and Mac OS X comes with java already installed.</p>
+href="">Check out
+some screen shots</a>.</p>
+the latest release here</a></p>
+<p>To install on Mac OS X download the <a href="">disk image</a> and
+run the "InfoPad" application.</p>
+<p>Linux and most unix users should install java and download the <a
+archive installation</a>. This will install the program in /usr/local by
+<p>Windows users should <a href="jnlp/">click here</a> to use java web start to
+install InfoPad.</p>
+<p>Most java enabled platforms should be able to use the <a
+jar</a>. Just type the command <code>java -jar infopad.jar</code> to run the 
+<A href=""> <IMG
+src=";type=5" width="210"
+height="62" border="0" alt=" Logo" /></A>