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Made some web page changes and added an icon to link to the sf summary page.

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   <property name="docdir" value="${build}/doc"/>
   <property name="fset" value="com/idolstarastronomer/infopad/**"/>
   <property name="jnlpdir" value="${basedir}/jnlp"/>
-  <property name="jnlpdeploy" value="${depbase}/jnlp"/>
+  <property name="webdeploy" value="${depbase}/web"/>
+  <property name="jnlpdeploy" value="${webdeploy}/jnlp"/>
   <property name="jarname" value="infopad.jar"/>
   <property name="conf" value="${basedir}/conf"/>
   <property name="distbuild" value="${build}/sdist"/>
   <signjar jar="${depbase}/${jarname}" alias="devries" storepass="${keypass}"/>
+<target name="web" depends="prepare">
+  <copy todir="${webdeploy}">
+    <fileset dir="${basedir}/web"/>
+    <fileset dir="${basedir}/icons">
+      <include name="icon-trans-small.png"/>
+    </fileset>
+  </copy>
 <target name="jnlp" depends="jarsign">
   <copy todir="${jnlpdeploy}">
     <fileset dir="${jnlpdir}"/>

File web/index.html

 java</a>. The web start link below will automatically install java on Windows,
 and Mac OS X comes with java already installed.</p>
+<h2>Screen Shots</h2>
 href="">Check out
 some screen shots</a>.</p>
 the latest release here</a></p>
 jar</a>. Just type the command <code>java -jar infopad.jar</code> to run the 
+<p>Please let me know what you think about this software. There is currently a <a
+href="">forum</a> for
+user discussions, and if interest grows I may add a mailing list. Also bugs,
+support requests, patches, and feature requests can all be <a
+href="">submitted to the
+tracker</a> and I will do what I can to respond to those issues.</p>
 <A href=""> <IMG
 src=";type=5" width="210"
 height="62" border="0" alt=" Logo" /></A>
+<a href=""><img
+src="icon-trans-small.png" height="72" width="72" border="0" alt="InfoPad
+Summary Page"/></a>