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infopad / jnlp / index.html

<title>InfoPad Web Start</title>
var javawsInstalled = 0;  
var javaws142Installed=0;
var javaws150Installed=0;
isIE = "false"; 
if (navigator.mimeTypes && navigator.mimeTypes.length) { 
   x = navigator.mimeTypes['application/x-java-jnlp-file']; 
   if (x) { 
      javawsInstalled = 1; 
else { 
   isIE = "true"; 

on error resume next
If isIE = "true" Then
  If Not(IsObject(CreateObject("JavaWebStart.isInstalled"))) Then
     javawsInstalled = 0
     javawsInstalled = 1
  End If
  If Not(IsObject(CreateObject("JavaWebStart.isInstalled."))) Then
     javaws142Installed = 0
     javaws142Installed = 1
  End If 
  If Not(IsObject(CreateObject("JavaWebStart.isInstalled."))) Then
     javaws150Installed = 0
     javaws150Installed = 1
  End If  
End If

<h1 align="center">InfoPad Web Start</h1>

<p>Click the link below to run InfoPad using Java Web Start (Recommended for
Windows and Linux). Web start will warn you that it could not verify the
authenticity of this certificate. This is because I have not paid to have a
certificate authority sign my code signing certificate. In any case you should
only run a program on your computer if you trust that it is not malicious, and
the fact that someone has paid for a certificate authority to sign their code
does not mean that they are now benevolant programmers, but that's a story for
another time.</p>
<script language="JavaScript">
/* Note that the logic below always launches the JNLP application
 *if the browser is Gecko based. This is because it is not possible
 *to detect MIME type application/x-java-jnlp-file on Gecko-based browsers. 
if (javawsInstalled || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Gecko") !=-1)) {
    document.write("<a href=infopad.jnlp>Launch InfoPad</a>");
} else {
    document.write("Click ");
    document.write("<a href=http://java.sun.com/PluginBrowserCheck?pass=http://infopad.sourceforge.net/jnlp/infopadjredownload.html&fail=http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/download.html>here</a> ");
    document.write("to download and install JRE 5.0 and the application.");