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InfoPad is an application designed to store short notes. It is based on the
concept of a spiral notebook, however it is searchable and expandable. I first
designed InfoPad because I always had to note down little pieces of
information, and ended up usually writing them on post-it notes and putting
them on my computer monitor. Some computers include a post-it note program, but
that does little more than clutter up your desktop. I wanted a single window
where I could write notes, where they would automatically be backed up, and
that would automatically save them. I decided to take a day to write this
program. I ended up writing this version over a period of about a week. The key
feature of this program is the search bar. It accepts regular expression
searches and returns the first note that matches as you type, highlighting all
matches in that note. Click the "Find Next" button and you go to the next
matching note (if there is one). I personally find this to be a good way of
organizing short notes. Now my monitor is post-it note free.

To run infopad just type

java -jar infopad.jar

or double click on the jar file. You must install java (http://www.java.com/)
for this program to work.