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<h1 align="center">InfoPad</h1>
<p>InfoPad is an application designed to store short notes. It is based
on the concept of a spiral notebook, however it is searchable and
expandable. I first designed InfoPad because I always had to note down little
pieces of information, and ended up usually writing them on post-it notes and
putting them on my computer monitor. Some computers include a post-it note
program, but that does little more than clutter up your desktop. I wanted a
single window where I could write notes, where they would automatically be
backed up, and that would automatically save them. I decided to take a day to
write this program. I ended up writing this version over a period of about a
week. The key feature of this program is the search bar. It accepts regular
expression searches and returns the first note that matches as you type,
highlighting all matches in that note. Click the "Find Next" button and you go
to the next matching note (if there is one). I personally find this to be a
good way of organizing short notes. Now my monitor is post-it note free.</p> 

<p>I work primarily on machines running Linux and Mac OS X, so I have not
tested this on Windows, but it should work. This program is written in java, so
Linux users will have to <a href="">install
java</a>. The web start link below will automatically install java on Windows,
and Mac OS X comes with java already installed.</p>

<h2>Screen Shots</h2>
href="">Check out
some screen shots</a>.</p>

the latest release here</a></p>

<p>To install on Mac OS X download the <a href="">disk image</a> and
run the "InfoPad" application.</p>

<p>Linux and most unix users should install java and download the <a
archive installation</a>. This will install the program in /usr/local by

<p>Windows users should <a href="jnlp/">click here</a> to use java web start to
install InfoPad.</p>

<p>Most java enabled platforms should be able to use the <a
jar</a>. Just type the command <code>java -jar infopad.jar</code> to run the 

<p>Please let me know what you think about this software. There is currently a <a
href="">forum</a> for
user discussions, and if interest grows I may add a mailing list. Also bugs,
support requests, patches, and feature requests can all be <a
href="">submitted to the
tracker</a> and I will do what I can to respond to those issues.</p>

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