EasiBuild Mk II

This repository contains code and documentation for the EasiBuild Mk II low power (QRP) amateur radio Morse code (CW: Continuous Wave) transceiver designed by Matt Gumbley M0CUV based on an earlier design by Bruce Edwards G3WCE.

See for the full set of blog articles on this project.

The code, diagrams, schematics and articles in this project are all licensed under the Apache Public License, v2.

The Arduino IDE libraries in the Libraries folder are licensed under their own licenses, please check the zip files there, and their respective websites, details of which you'll find in the EasiBuildMk2.ino file.

To set up the libraries in the Arduino IDE: 1) SCoop. Create a folder called SCoop in your Arduino IDE's libraries folder (e.g. mine is ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries on OSX). Extract the 'SCoop V1.2 New Year' file to a temporary folder, then copy SCoop/SCoop.{cpp|h} into the libraries/SCoop folder you created. 2) LiquidCrystal - can be added as a .zip library. 3) EnableInterrupt - don't know yet....

73 de M0CUV