Making use of Quaqua via Maven

Add the following dependency to your pom.xml:

Ensure that org.devzendo quaqua-9.1.jar is on your classpath.

Ensure that the org.devzendo libquaqua-9.1.zip containing Quaqua's native
libraries is unzipped during your package phase, and is placed somewhere that
will be present on your classpath during execution. In the following snippet, I
extract this zip into the location where DevZendo's CrossPlatformLauncherPlugin
will place all libraries, for a Mac OSX GUI .app:

      Copy the Quaqua native libraries into the correct location in the
      Mac OS X launcher structure created above.
                    <!-- other configurations here -->

For more info on the CrossPlatformLauncherPlugin, please see

In your code, you can then: