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VSIX Commands

VSIX Commands is a NuGet package that exposes VS Extension Manager API via Powershell. Using these commands you can install a VSIX from the feed or from a file that on disk. This allows for interesting scenarios where the a NuGet package might want to install tooling from the VSIX gallery as well as add references to your project.

Getting Started

Like all good NuGet packages simply type:

Install-Package VsixCommands

This will get you the VsixCommands powershell module. There will be 3 new commands available:





Install-GalleryVsix 'Visual Nunit'

Will attempt to retrieve Visual Nunit from the VSIX gallery and will launch the VSIX installer allowing you to install it.

NOTE: Some packages on the VS Gallery are not VSIXs, these commands only support vsix right now and will not work for extensions that are MSIs.