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flexible service for bridging DBus signals to Growl

:Copyright: BSD
:Version: 0.1
:Manual section: 1


growlbus [-f configfile] [register]


Growlbus is a simple bridge service for handing off DBus notifications
to or Growl for Windows.  Through its configuration file
it can be made to listen for any number of signals on any interface
and object path, mapping those signals onto one or more distinct
"applications" for bridging to Growl.  Messages can be sent to Growl via
GrowlTalk (the old UDP protocol) or GNTP.

--config=file, -f file    Name an alternate configuration file


To use growlbus you will need to install AT LEAST both dbus and the
Python dbus bindings.

For example, with MacPorts:

$ sudo port install dbus dbus-python27

You can also install dbus bindings with easy_install:

$ sudo easy_install dbus

If you are using Growl 1.2.2 or lower for MacOS, that's all you need.
You will communicate over the "GrowlTalk" UDP protocol, and support is
included here.  For any later version, or for any other platform, you
will also need to install Python GNTP bindings.  You can install these
with easy_install:

$ sudo easy_install gntp


For best results, begin with the provided growlrc:

$ cp growlrc ~/.growlrc

Now run ``growlbus register``.  In Growl Preferences you should now see
new entries for any applications in the growlrc (mutt and dgctest, if
you used the stock growlrc).  You can configure detailed behaviors for
these applications/notifications in Growl Preferences.

Henceforth when you run ``growlbus`` with no arguments, it will subscribe
to DBus signals from these applications, and forward them to Growl.

Client Setup

To enable GrowlTalk on Mac Growl 1.2.2 and lower, visit Growl's
preferences.  Go to the Network panel, check "Listen for incoming
notifications" and "Allow remote application registration", and set a
server password.  (You may need to open UDP port 9887 if you're going to
growl remotely.)

To enable GNTP for Mac Growl 1.3 and higher, visit the Preferences
panel and click on the "Network" pane.  Check "Listen for incoming
notifications", and set a password.

See Also

* dbus
* ``dbus-monitor(1)``, ``dbus-send(1)``