nsis64 / Contrib / Library / LibraryLocal / SConscript

gol...@212acab6-… 205abbe 

target = 'LibraryLocal'

files = Split("""

required_files = Split("""

libs = Split("""

libs_posix = Split("""

Import('BuildUtil BuildUtilEnv GetAvailableLibs')

env = BuildUtilEnv(flags = ['$EXCEPTION_FLAG'], cross_platform = True)

import os.path

for s in required_files:
	fn = os.path.split(s)[-1]
	bn = os.path.splitext(fn)[0]
	o = env.Object(bn, s)

if env['PLATFORM'] != 'win32':
	libs = GetAvailableLibs(env, libs_posix)

BuildUtil(target, files, libs, flags = ['$EXCEPTION_FLAG'], cross_platform = True)
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