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Splash.dll - small (4k), simple plugin that lets you throw 
up a splash screen in NSIS installers.

--- UPDATED in 2.0b0 - will break old scripts ---

To use:

Create a .BMP file of your splash screen.
(optional) Create a .WAV file to play while your splash screen shows.

Add the following lines to your .NSI file:

Function .onInit
  SetOutPath $TEMP
  File /oname=spltmp.bmp "my_splash.bmp"

; optional
; File /oname=spltmp.wav "my_splashshit.wav"

  splash::show 1000 $TEMP\spltmp

  Pop $0 ; $0 has '1' if the user closed the splash screen early,
	 ; '0' if everything closed normally, and '-1' if some error occurred.

  Delete $TEMP\spltmp.bmp
;  Delete $TEMP\spltmp.wav

Note that the first parameter to splash.exe is the length to show the
screen for (in milliseconds), and the second is the splash bitmap filename (without
the .bmp). The BMP file used will be this parameter.bmp, and the wave file used
(if present) will be this parameter.wav.

(If you already have an .onInit function, put that in it)

Note: the return value of splash is 1 if the user closed the splash 
screen early (pop it from the stack)


Converted to a plugin DLL by Amir Szekely (kichik)